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It's not likely I'll be able to post much while I'm working and teaching in Kenya, so I thought I'd share some older posts with you. See you soon!

Recently I did something that is quite rare for me; I bought new jewelry. This generally does not occur without an occasion, and this purchase was no exception. I needed to accessorize my mother-of-the-bride dress for my daughter’s upcoming wedding.

Here we are on the big day!

As a rule, I try to work with what I already have, which isn’t much. All the necklaces I own fit on one little eight-inch hanger in my bathroom closet. They date back to the one mended twenty years ago because my then two-year-old son broke it before I even had a chance to wear it once.

I generally don’t think to buy accessories when I buy an outfit, which in and of itself is rare, and even if I did remember I probably wouldn’t be able to justify spending the money on it. Looking trendy is just not that high of a priority for me. As I rule of thumb, I try to dress a notch above the level that garners the response, “I don’t want to be a Christian if I have to look like that!”

I think some people just naturally look well put together. You know who I’m talking about – the woman you never see without her hair done and make-up perfect, wearing a cute outfit with matching shoes, handbag and jewelry. It all comes together for her with little effort. I do not fall into that category. For me, it’s WORK. Even accomplishing half of that requires much effort on my part, and honestly, I don’t think it’s worth it. Recently I mentioned this to someone and she responded by saying, “Well, you have us fooled. You sure look like one of them!” It’s nice to hear that, but I know I will never be “one of them” because for me it takes more energy than I’m willing to expend.

This is by no means a criticism of those who are “one of them.” I don’t think looking good is a bad thing; it's obsessing about it that is. It’s all a matter of balance. Paul said to Timothy:

I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.” ~ 1 Timothy 2:9-10

I believe God wants us to spend our time trying to look more like Him, rather than trying to look like everyone else. It’s who we are on the inside that matters, not what we look like on the outside. And personally, I don’t have time to do both.

Lord, I thank you for the many ways you’ve blessed me. Please help me to keep my priorities strait and keep my focus on looking more like you. You didn’t make me “one of them” and that’s okay with me. 


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