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Tips for Tuesday

Thanks for joining me on my journey back to order!  I'm calling this week "JUST DO IT!"  Just do what?  Just do that little thing that you keep walking by saying "I need to get to that one of these days..."

You know you have them, those projects that take six months and five minutes to complete - six months of looking at it and five minutes to actually do it.  Let's make today the day to do it and get it taken care of!

I don't think my project even took me five minutes to complete, and I very well may have been looking at it for over six months.  The little red and blue strip that indicated the water temperature in the shower started to peel off, but rather than gluing it back down I procrastinated until one day it disappeared. 

I was fortunate to find the tiny piece, which I then sat on the shelf in the shower.  Every time I'd get in, I'd see that strip and tell myself I need to fix it before my next shower.  Then I'd get busy and forget about it.

Today was the day.  Finally, I got out the super glue and stuck the label back in place.  It wasn't even a five minute project because I knew where the super glue was.  (How to find things when you need them is another topic for another day.)

I want to encourage you to make today the day!  Slow down, pick one small task and JUST DO IT! 

Good luck!


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  1. Unknown says:

    Amen sista!

    I can handle the six month, five minute jobs. It's the seven year, one week one's weigh my yoke down so low my shoulders drag across the ground.

    What I learned today:

    1. An aspirin can't help your headache if it's still sitting on the counter next to the kitchen sink.

    2. A math major in college in no way, shape or form prepares you for the frustration you'll endure as you try to cram a tall mahogany chest of drawers + a bowed front vanity + a bench + a bed with head AND foot boards + a mirror into the back of a VERY small truck.

    Ethel & I... I mean, my sister and I, were happy to provide free entertainment for the neighborhood as I wedged myself between the wheel well and the dresser determined to make it fit. Remember Pokey & Gumby?

    3. If two people graduating top in their class work diligently together, they will eventually lose all of their brain cells and be outsmarted by technology.

    Great blog Lisa! I really enjoy your writing!

  2. Shelly, you really should write more. I'm literally rolling with laughter here.

    1. Unfortunately true

    2. Hilariously true

    3. You would think two people at the top of their class would do better when it comes to technology. All I learned after all that effort was that I don't know nearly as much as I need to and you make a great chicken salad :) At least the day wasn't a total loss.

  3. Cassie says:

    I love your tips! But if it were me, and the little hot cold thingy fell off, I would just leave it off. I mean I know what's hot and what's cold. And if I went to sell the house, I'm sure they could figure it out =)

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