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Tips for Tuesday

We've spent the past several weeks beginning to bring order to our homes, with a focus on starting:
  1. Start somewhere; the important thing is to just get going.
  2. Start now; the time we spend procrastinating could be better used actually doing something. 
  3. Start small; break a large task into small segments.
Today’s tip?
  1. Start admiring - and keep it up!
We all need a little encouragement now and then, but let's be honest. On our journey to order some (or many) of our accomplishments may go unnoticed by other members of our household. That's why it’s crucial we take a moment to enjoy what all of our hard efforts have brought about. 

It’s natural to focus on what still needs to be done, perhaps because there’s so much of it, but we shouldn't neglect to acknowledge our victories along the way, regardless of their size. 

What we focus on gets bigger. 

That statement applies to all areas of life.  It's easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed when all we see is what still needs to be done.  Taking a moment to enjoy what we've completed gives us a sense of accomplishment and encourages us to keep going. 

I've often joked that my goal in life is to have a clear kitchen counter. A month ago I posted a photo of the clutter that was driving me crazy. 


               Ahhhh.  I feel so much better now!   
Now that I have it cleared, I can look at the counter when I get overwhelmed by the rest of the tasks before me and remind myself that I am making progress.

This counter is a big problem area for me; it's the place where things tend to land after entering my house. 

This is where the keep it up comes in.  Before I start on anything else, I tidy this area up so that it doesn't get away from me again.  This way the clean areas stay clean, and slowly but surely I'm adding to the areas that are in order.

So take a moment, right now, and celebrate your hard work.  Then, keep it up!!!

Congratulations on a job well done!


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