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Tips for Tuesday

If you read my Closet Change-Up posting last week, hopefully you were able to at least get your hangers turned around.  This will make thinning out your clothes easier when spring rolls around.

It's easy to accumulate far more clothing than we need or wear, so I highly recommend putting a moratorium on adding any hangers to your closet.  That means if you want to add something new, you must first remove something already hanging there.  Because I hung my hangers backwards last spring, I was able to identify and remove a few items that hadn't been worn over the summer, allowing me to start the fall season with a couple empty hangers in my closet. 

As a replacement for the hangers you currently have (remember, no additions!)  I highly recommend these slimline hangers.  They have a flocked surface, which keeps even the silkiest garments from slipping.  The top bar can be used for accessories such as scarves or belts, and the hook can be used for necklaces.  You could also hang another hanger on the hook and allow several of them to cascade, using less room if you have limited space.

These slimline hangers take up less space than their plastic counterparts. I find this beneficial since I like to iron my clothes before hanging them, and having more space available decreases the likelihood of them requiring any touch-ups before wearing.         
I placed coated wire racks on my shelves to help stabilize the folded clothes I place there, making it easier to remove one item without the entire stack toppling over.                                      

Here's to a streamlined closet - emptier and more organized!


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