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Tips for Tuesday

Last week I had my carpets cleaned, which forced me to move everything out of the carpeted rooms.  It's amazing what accumulates, even when you think you're keeping on top of things!

Even if you don't have a carpet cleaning scheduled to motivate you, there's no time like the present to get your home organized.  Take one room at a time.  By working your way around beginning at the entrance, you won't miss anything.  This could be a big project that you do all at once, or it can be broken down into smaller tasks done as time allows.

is for Empty Everything

Remove items from under furniture, in baskets and drawers, on shelves...everywhere!  If you skip this step it's unlikely that you'll remove any clutter, you'll just be relocating it. 

Examine each item. 
Ask the questions, "Is this item worthy of taking up precious space in my home and in my life?"  "Do I love it?"  "Do I need it?" 

Eliminate the excess. 
Sort the items into the following categories:  "Throw Away", "Give Away", and "Move to Another Room." When tackling an entire room, I find it helpful to have a container for each category so the items can be easily moved to the designated location.  If you're just doing a section of the room, piles would probably suffice. 

Once the room is empty, clean it and then put back only those items that need to be there.  The fewer things you have, the easier it is to maintain!

Remember, well begun is half done!


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