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Tips for Tuesday

Trying to remain faithful to my healthy eating resolution, I put a couple of Herbalife protein shakes in the freezer to take along with me on our weekend away.  Just as we were about to leave, I asked my husband if I could use the small cooler he takes back and forth to work for lunch. 

My bad. 

I should've known better.  Anything that goes to my husband's workplace ends up a grimy mess.  The fact that it's white just makes the grime show up all the more. 

Since the time I had hoped to be out the door had come and gone, I quickly rinsed out the inside of the cooler, inserted my shakes and headed to the van, which meant I checked into the hotel accompanied by one nasty-looking little cooler.

And of course, I was spotted with said cooler.  Thankfully it was a good enough friend that she didn't mention it until it came up in conversation a couple of weeks later.  She knew I'd have some kind of story since I don't usually travel with items in that condition.

Enter Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser!  While it would have been nice if this would've entered before I needed to use the cooler, I say better late than never.  I was shocked to hear my friend had never heard of it.  Since it's one of my favorite household helps, I thought I'd introduce it to you just in case you haven't already become acquainted.

Basically, the Magic Eraser takes off just about anything that you can't get off any other way.  Here's a before and after photo of our little cooler to give you an idea of the magic it can work:

This cooler is over eighteen years old, but after the Magic Eraser it looks like new! 

I also find it works well on bake ware.

This glass pan is 28 years old (Yikes! Am I dating myself here?) and was covered with brown, baked on stains, but the Magic Eraser took them all off.
The Magic Eraser didn't take all the stains off the inside of my crock pot, but I'm sure it would've worked better if I hadn't waited a couple decades before using it!

One difficult spot in my home is the register in the kitchen floor.  It rubs on the linoleum, leaving a mark around the edges. 

I tried everything to get it off, but nothing worked until I found the Magic Eraser.

I like to use a new Magic Eraser when I'm cleaning cookware.  The eraser gets discolored and disintegrates as you use it, so as it gets older I save it to use in other parts of the house.  The floor is the last stop before I discard the remainder and start the process over with a new one.  (I have several Magic Erasers in various stages that I use in different places.)

The Magic Eraser tends to erase everything, so take care when using it on painted walls and similar surfaces as you're likely to erase the paint along with your stain.

I'd love to hear where you use your Magic Eraser!  Leave me a comment so we can all expand our horizons!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    You should send this in to the Mr. Clean company, maybe you can be on a commercial or maybe they will send you a bunch of them. :) I'm going to buy some and see what I can clean. thanks for the tips, Nancy

  2. Anonymous says:

    who knew?!!

  3. I first heard about the Magic Eraser at a MOPS meeting. One of the moms shared it was her favorite trick ever. I tried one out and completely agreed. My stash is low - but your post is a good reminder to stock up. My crockpot needs some help!
    Cindy :)

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