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Tips for Tuesday

How are you coming with the Christmas decoration take-down process?  I have a much-needed carpet cleaning scheduled for this morning to help motivate me to wrap it up! 

A couple weeks ago my husband opened his pole barn to a cat ready to bust out.  Obviously Houdini hasn't learned her lesson, as evidenced by the fact that she decided to hang out in the Christmas tree box before we had a chance to bring it downstairs.  Step #1 - Before putting your tree away for the season, always ascertain the location of your cat!

I purchased a plastic ornament organizer a few years ago, and I highly recommend acquiring one if your boxes are falling apart or if you have a lot of individual ornaments.  They come with corrugated cardboard dividers so there's no need to wrap fragile ornaments to protect them from breakage. 

This container holds two layers of ornaments with a large piece of cardboard in between.  I only use the dividers for the bottom layer since I have a relatively new box of decorations that fits on the top.  I still like to label the container since I have a few other items I tuck in there as well. 

You might want to take a trip to the store to look at the organizers and see what they have.  Some are only available this time of year, but are more general and can be used in numerous ways around the house.  It's time to think outside the box!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm going to try that Lisa! It always takes so much time to individually wrap each one, and uses up my tissue or paper towels. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look for that this week.
    Kathy Ellison

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