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Tips for Tuesday

Sawdust has been consuming my life as of late, because my home has been covered in it! 

As I mentioned last week, sanding our stairs resulted in a fine (and sometimes thick) coating of sawdust over everything inside my house, which necessitated a top-to-bottom cleaning.  Progress has been steady, but it's also been slow, so I opted to call in reinforcements by phoning a friend.
When you have a big task ahead of you, or one that does not fall within your area of strengths, why not ask for help?  Since I have a knack for organizing, I phoned a friend to offer my skills in her home in exchange for general cleaning help in mine.  In the past, I've also traded with one person who likes working in the yard and another who has a keen eye for color to give me some decorating pointers. 

There are several advantages to having a friend come and give you a hand:

It allows you to do things you could not otherwise do by yourself.

It pins down a specific time to tackle the task at hand.

It saves time and energy.  (Having someone to hand things down to eliminated many trips up and down the ladder for me.)

It makes the time go by faster.

It makes a task more pleasant.

So get creative!  Start thinking of the skills you have to offer and go pick up that phone!


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