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Tips for Tuesday

I spent some time today cleaning my bathrooms.  I'll share my organizing tips in a later post, but for now I want to share a tip for cleaning one of the most stubborn areas, the toilet bowl. 

Mine had some lime build-up, which made the bowl look dirty even after I'd just cleaned it.  I've tried many different products, but none were effective in cleaning those stubborn stains.

The solution?

A pumice stone!

The pumice is abrasive enough to take off the lime scales but gentle enough that it doesn't harm the porcelain.   And yes, these are the same pumice stones most often used to soften rough skin on your feet.  Sometimes you just have to think outside the box!

If you already have a pumice stone, you can buy yourself a new one to use on your feet and put the old one to work in your toilet bowl.  If you need to purchase one, look at the dollar store.  When it comes to cleaning with them, they're all created equal.  They can usually be found by the foot care items.  I prefer to use the untreated stones, which are usually white or gray.  The last time I went to purchase one, all they had were the colored varieties as shown above.  These work just fine, the color on the stone will just get rubbed off as you're using the stone.

To use, just wet the stone and start scrubbing the stain.  Keep in mind that the longer it's been there, the longer it will take to remove.  Rinse every so often to check your progress.  The stones disintegrate with use, so don't worry when you see it diminishing as you scrub. 

The stone will not harm your toilet bowl, but if you want to check for yourself, just start with an inconspicuous spot on the surface of the bowl closest to you.

ONLY USE THE PUMICE ON PORCELAIN!  It WILL scratch your seat or lid.

Here's to sparkling clean!

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