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Tips for Tuesday

Since I was able to finish up my big closet organizing project last week (WOO HOO!), today I was able to help out my friend Shelly over at Shizzle.  Over the weekend her workspace got a makeover, but in the process all her supplies were jumbled and ended up filling her garage. 

My job was to bring order to it all and leave her with a functional workspace (not to mention a parking space in the garage.)

Before we tackled the big things, we took care of the small ones, like only keeping pens that actually write!

Shelly built a trough that fit under her window to store all her writing utensils, screwdrivers and other items she wanted to keep at her fingertips.

She put vertical dividers along the length of it to keep everything standing.

I sorted containers...

and we found a handy place to store them, easy to access.

As we started filling the small drawer unit with supplies, we listed the contents of the drawers on labels.

We used lots of clear plastic tubs, which will also get labels.

Here's where we started...

and here's where we wrapped it up for the day...

Shelly ended up removing the lowest shelf and put more distance between it and the shelf above so she could fit the drawer units on it.  Keeping them at eye level makes it much easier to utilize.  No more bending over!

She also inserted a panel at the end of the shelving unit and hung up her paintbrushes, scissors, and other tools... 

while the levels were hung along the door.

We utilized ALL available space, making sure the items she used the most were in the spots easiest to access.  There's still more work to be done, but the space is organized and contains everything she needs to get started, so she's ready to create, create, create!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Just came in, I'm wiped but got a lot more finished both in the workshop and in the garage. At least one car can park in the garage tonight:) Thanx for all your help today!! Shelly

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! This is amazing! It looks awesome and so organized! Quite a transformation! I'm now following! Thanks for to the link from Shelly!

  3. Can you come and visit me in California!! This looks amazing! I have to go to my garage in exactly 9 minutes. I blocked out from noon-2 to organize it. I am very afraid of what I might find under some things!

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