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I've been sharing organizing tips with you, but here' a look at what's going on behind the scenes... 

We've dropped from three pets to one over the past year, leaving Houdini - named for her disappearing acts - as the ruler of the roost.  I've discovered she has a knack for being wherever it is I least want her to be. 

She snuck back behind the island drawers when I was taking some organizing photos.

So this is why my binders are always tipped over!

The penalty for not folding my towels quick enough...cat hair!

If I'm not fast enough filling her food dish, she just helps herself - from the bottom of the bag, of course.

When I leave the door to my study open, she mistakes the baby's bed for her own.

One of her favorite hiding places...the box under the end table!

Ah, but with this little guy, Houdini has met her match!


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