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Tips for Tuesday
Welcome to part two of my children's chair makeover. (You can view the heirloom Adirondack chair from part one here.)  Again, I couldn't have done it without the help of my friend Shelly over at Shizzle!

This $5 garage sale find was nice and sturdy, but since my grandson is not named Olivia and his dad is not a fan of pink, a makeover was definitely in order.  I was told three-year-old Olivia painted the chair herself.  Evidently three-year-olds use a lot of paint, because it was really caked on there!  Before I could start painting, I had to smooth out the surfaces.  Using a mouse sander sped up the process. 

That took a lot longer than I expected, especially given the fact it was 95 degrees out, but I'm glad now that I took the time to do it right.

Using Ce Ce Caldwell's paints, I first painted the chair in Hershey Brown.  It quickly dried and I planned a second coat of Sedona, which will look great in my living room! 

I initially planned to paint a solid coat of Sedona and then rub some off, but after painting the side rungs and the strip around the seat I had a happy accident.  With next to no paint on the brush I went to paint the back of the chair.  Because there was still some texture despite all the sanding, the high spots picked up the Sedona.  I thought it looked great so from then on I used the dry brush technique, blotting most of the paint off the brush before using it on the chair.

Since the polyurethane I purchased for my Adirondack chair was indoor/outdoor, I decided to use that to seal the rocker as well.  Again, I used a flat sponge from the dollar store for application.

And here's the finished product!

Now that he's learned how to rock, this should be great fun!

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  1. I love it! There's one to sell online not far from where I live and now I really think I should go and buy it!

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