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Posted by Lisa Lewis Koster - - 10 comments

After twelve years and 165,000 miles, my husband and I recently upgraded to a newer vehicle.  While I'm sure I'll have no problem adjusting to the heated seats come winter - the only feature I requested - the dashboard is another story!  Of course, everything in the newer vehicle is in a different place and so I've had to learn how to do such mundane things as turning on the bright lights and the windshield wipers (thank you God for the rain!)

The other day I was driving home from the grocery store and kept hearing a dinging sound, which was very disconcerting as I couldn't locate the source of the warning.  I think I may have even said (out loud  - which maybe isn't so good since I was riding alone), "What am I doing wrong?"

When [the Holy Spirit] comes, he will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment:" ~ John 16:8

The Holy Spirit is our G.P.S. - God's Protection Service.  One of the Holy Spirit's many roles is to warn us when we're doing something wrong in order to keep us from sin.  At times the warning is obvious, like the check in your spirit you feel just as you're going to say something you shouldn't (and prefacing it with "I really shouldn't say this, but..." is not an acceptable remedy!)  Other times the warning may not be as clear, in which case we must ask God to reveal to us where we are going astray so we can take the appropriate action.

Photo courtesy of wajakemek | rashdanothman via flickr

As I was driving along, I realized the warning was sounding every time I pulled away from a stop sign.  It wasn't until I was pulling into my driveway that I noticed the passenger seat belt light was on, warning me that my gallon of milk was riding next to me, unrestrained!  (A bit too sensitive, if you ask me...)Thankfully, with the Holy Spirit there are no false alarms, and when we ask Him to reveal our sin He is happy to do so.

A. W. Tozer said, "He wants to be Lord of your life, and He wants to possess you so that you are no longer in command of the little vessel in which you sail.  You may be a passenger on board, or one of the crew, but you definitely are not in charge.  Someone else is in command of the vessel."

Lord, I thank you for loving me enough to warn me when I'm in danger of sinning against you.  Help me to remember, as Tozer said, that I am not the one in charge and enable me to humbly submit to your guidance.


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  1. congrats on the new car. I like the analogy of Him being our GPS. We opted not to use a gps in the car for a number of reasons but....with guidence in life...He's the only GPS that gives accurate directions every time. Sometimes it seems the directions are all wrong and I want to shout, 'hey wait...where we going. This can't be right...' but it always is. Thanks for this awesome read.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Interesting analogy. I'm glad the Holy Spirit doesn't have any false alarms. I know you will enjoy that new car and be sure the milk is buckled up. LOL

  3. Hi Lisa, Remember to keep that milk safe next time :o) Great article!

  4. Pamela says:

    I love the Tozer quote. I had to stop and copy it. I need reminded once in a while just who is in charge of my life!

  5. Faith says:

    oh i just love Tozer. thank you for this post....i really needed this reminder today!! and congrats on your car!

  6. What a cute way of sharing this vital info. Very enjoyable read! And re the seat Warner's - I remember borrowing a car once and spending 45 minutes trying to figure out why I was getting so hot and then how to turn them off - still makes me chuckle when I think of it ;) have a blessed week!

  7. Thank you for sharing at "Tell Me a Story." Those false alarms can cause you to wonder where they are coming from. That was funny about your milk wanting a seat belt. At least we can understand that we are secure in our Lord as he has us in his arms.

  8. Great reminder Lisa of the role of the Holy Spirit. So very glad He does not scream in my ear, but continues to speak until I get it. He is our GPS...good anology. Blessings

  9. caryjo says:

    This was great! Made me laugh [the milk issue] and the GPS was a really neat way of placing it in my heart forever when I'm driving.

    Thanks much.

  10. Sylvia R says:

    I really enjoyed this little story. And I can identify. When we got our present car, I constantly was turning on the windshield wipers when I thought I was changing gears! Embarrassing! We've also had ding, ding, dings that were challenges to identify. Thanks for sharing!

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