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Posted by Lisa Lewis Koster - - 13 comments

It's a beautiful, sunny day - something to celebrate since we don't see much of the sun in Michigan this time of year!  The snow came late this season and though I'm not a big fan of it, after looking out at a dreary brown landscape the better part of last winter, I decided I much prefer the ground and trees wrapped in the blanket of dazzling white I'm looking at today.

Alas, just as it rains on the righteous and unrighteous, so it snows on the fields and trees as well as the driveways and roads.  Love the former; not a big fan of the latter.  Especially this year since my husband underwent heart surgery just before Christmas and he was always the one to clear the driveway.  

With an empty nest and a nineteen-month-old grandson who has not yet mastered the kiddie shovel I just bought for him (though he does love being outside and "helping,") the job of snow removal falls to me.  We do have a snow blower that attaches to our garden tractor, but even with weights on the back end I can't get the traction necessary to operate it.  That leaves me and my shovel.  Who would've thought that light fluffy snow could be so heavy?  But when there's six inches of it, it's heavy indeed!

That's just how much snow we had earlier in the week.  I was out shoveling until I could shovel no more, but when I retreated into the house and gazed back out at the driveway, I thought it felt like I had shoveled far more than it appeared.  I had cleared perhaps two car lengths of the driveway, which if we lived in town would've done the trick.  But we don't live in town, so it barely made a dent.  I just asked my husband how long our driveway is, and he said it's about 300 yards long, or the length of a football field.  

This is no short little driveway we're talking about.  The little white house in the center back of this photo is close to the road, so the end of our driveway falls just short of that.   I share this because it makes what happened all the more amazing. Before my husband went into the hospital, a friend of ours offered to clear our driveway.  He doesn't have a truck with a plow, so when he came, he brought along a couple of his boys and they shoveled it.  

They shoveled it!

By hand!

With shovels!

If that was all he did, I would have stood amazed at the time and energy they sacrificed on our behalf - but the story doesn't end there.  We had a little reprieve after the first snow, so he came on a Saturday and my husband talked him through attaching the snow blower to the tractor so it would be ready for the next storm.  

That was six weeks ago, and he's been here after every snowfall since - sometimes after work, sometimes before.  He's even driven out from town and cleared it on his lunch hour a few times!  We have never been loved like we've been loved by the body of Christ!

We greatly appreciate all he's done, and have expressed it to him at every opportunity.  I even made him a batch of my homemade hot fudge since I know it's one of his favorites, but it still pales in comparison to what he's done for us.  I think at this point we'd probably be snowed in for the rest of the winter if left to our own devices!  

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. ~ Hebrews 6:10

This man was a great example for his sons, not just talking about serving but modeling it again and again.  I think many of us, at least the community I live in, feel much more comfortable serving than being served.  But I've come to realize that refusing offers of assistance is often an issue of pride.  We don't want to look like we need help, but at one time or another we all find ourselves in that position.  By saying we can do it all, we're depriving someone else of their opportunity to serve God.  

Then there are the people not easy to serve.  I learned this first-hand a couple years ago, which is when God first brought the verse above to my attention.  While it's important to express your gratitude when being served, it's equally important not to expect it when you're the one doing the serving.  With some people it's easy to grow wearing while doing good, which is why it's so important to remember that ultimately it's God whom we're serving.  He will never forget the love we've shown to him through loving others - especially the unlovable. 

Father, I thank you for the faithful help You have sent us, for I know that every good and perfect gift comes from You.  Please bless the people that have helped us in our time of need and help us to be a blessing to those around us.  


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have never thought about it that way. Today I plowed three driveways around my neiborhood. One neighbor works late and I thought it would be a nice supprise. One is an elderly gentelman and I like to help him. In the summer we sit out in front of his garage and he tells me stories of life. The last one is a young couple but they work opposite shifts and he is stuck at his job at the hospital. She was stuck in the driveway with 3 kids in the car, struggling to get out and get groceries for her family. It makes me happy to help others and I got some extra time to play with my tractor. I just smile and wave to them , being glad that I could do something to make them have faith in humanity. Thanks for the post. They always help me find hope and faith when I need it.I am sure your post help many look to the brighter side.Keep the faith . Regards, A. Scott Brooks

  2. Thanks for sharing. It made my day brighter knowing this. We're in this world to take care of one another.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have a friend that has this motto: I'm just here to serve! This post reminded me of her.

  4. Faith says:

    i enjoyed reading this! i'll never complain about my little driveway ever again after seeing YOURS! LOL....a snow blower is so helpful. We have our first (little) one cause I had a back issue last summer and doc told me NO MORE SHOVELING or lifting heavy items. My husband shovels and I use the blower as it's lighter than the lawn mower!! I love your thots and Scriptures too.......God is GOOD and aithful!!

  5. Unknown says:

    So thankful for those who come alongside us when we need them to. I agree on all counts about snow~it's pretty but...
    Keep up the God work.

  6. Love your words here. In the UK people tend to just slip slide about the place and don't tend to bother digging out the snow all that much. I can just imagine what a gift it is to do something like that for someone else - out of kindness.

    Thanks for linking up :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  7. Jen says:

    Lisa - Your post so reminds me of what we talked about at UNITE today, the Good Samaritan. And how Jesus did not just show His love for us by work alone, but by His deeds. What a blessing that friend & those boys who shoveled your driveway must be! So sweet of you to make cookies too! Precious, indeed!

  8. And this is how it should be...people rallying around each other and sometimes even with shovels. That is awesome.

  9. Dionne says:

    What an awesome true story of true serving. Thank you for reminding me of whom we serve...always. I needed to hear that today.

  10. What a true blessing are helping hands! So wonderful to give of their time and labor of love!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story at "Tell Me a Story." And may your husband regain his strength in due time.

  11. jdmsmith says:

    I truly needed this! Thank you. God Bless.

  12. Laura says:

    what a lovely neighbor you have! such a gift to be blessed in this way. We haven't had much snow this year here in WV, and I am already longing for spring. But we usually get a good late season dumping, so we shall see!

  13. caryjo says:

    So much good thinking and sharing. Good examples of the way the Lord can break through our hard times. And what you described makes it so very accurately true. [And so happy the driveway was cleared for you. One of those tough stretches in Winter... so many places, so many times.]


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