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It's no problem for me, I just pull them out of the ground.  Of course, that's when they're only this big:

In fact, I can usually pull them out of the ground when the "trunks" are up to 1/4 inch in diameter; anything more than that, I get the lopers out and chop them off or get the shovel and dig them out.  Yep, trees are definitely easier to uproot when they're small.  Larger trees are a different story.  Entirely. 
Several years ago we had an old maple tree behind the house cut down.  Our "back yard" is at a 45-degree-angle sloping away from the house so since we didn't use that area anyway, we left the stump and pretty much ignored it. 
Then, this spring my husband Bob came up with the brilliant idea of using that area for a fire pit, which I hope to unveil to you soon  you can see here!  He had already tiered off part of the hill for our hosta plants, so the plan was to do something similar in the area adjacent to them.
Then we came across the stump. 
I wish I had taken a photo beforehand, but didn't think of it until a week or so into the ordeal.  Yes, I think ordeal is a fitting description. 

He tried dig it out.

Burn it.

Chop it with an axe.

Cut it with the chain saw.

Any and every combination of above.

And still we were left with this:

The stump you see remaining here is about 1/3 of its original size.  We He spent THREE WEEKS working on this stump before the roots finally let go, time that could've been spent making progress on our project instead.  The remainder of the stump was so heavy that Bob had to roll it out of the way because he couldn't lift it. 
See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many. ~ Hebrews 12:15

These stumps reminded me of how deeply sin can become rooted in our lives.  The sooner we eliminate it, the easier it is to remove.  But the longer we leave it, the more deeply entrenched it becomes and the more work it takes to remove it.  Masking the problem may appear to work for a time, but sooner or later it will need to be dealt with. 
Cutting down that tree was the first step in removing it from our yard, but rather than complete the job we stopped there, thinking that was good enough.  We left it and let other plants grow over and cover it when what we should have done was finish the job right then and there. 
Is there a sin that has taken root in your life?  Bitterness, envy, discontent, gossip, unforgiveness, addictions, lying...the list goes on and on.  Whatever it is, deal with it today.  Remove it, ALL of it.  It may be a process, but why not start the process today?  It may seem impossible on your own but with God, ALL things are possible.  Clear it out now, so you'll be ready for whatever God has for you next!
Father, please bring to mind the sins that we're so good at hiding, even from ourselves.  Give us the determination and perseverance we need to remove them completely from our lives once and for all.  We thank you that we don't have to do this alone, but that you will assist us every step of the way if we will but ask you.  Lord, we look forward to the day when this sin is no longer entwined in our lives and blocking us from a deeper, closer relationship with you!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Those small little trees have small roots and are easier to pull up. Thankfully Jesus can wash away even the roots of sin and give us a clean slate. I enjoyed your story and sorry about your maple trees taking over where you don't want them.

  2. Unknown says:

    I got part way into your post and could see the Spiritual analogy coming. This was and excellent example of that verse and one that will stick with me. Our neighbor was retired and he LOVED to cut a tree down and burn and dig out the stump.

    I dropped over from the linkup over at Kathie's Character Corner.

  3. Oh, how easy it is to let something small get out of hand! Thanks for this blessed reminder.

  4. We had an almond tree that my husband cut down. The squirrels ate every last nut before they were even ripe, so we were upset. That almond tree put out new branches and blossoms and defied us to kill it. Finally my hubby won the battle, but it was a fierce war!
    Thank you for sharing at “Tell Me a Story.”

  5. I was busy yesterday morning pulling up weeds, but there were those that I couldn't pull up because I'd waited too long and they were too big. :-( So I totally get what you're saying. It pays to do our weeding--spiritual and physical--frequent and early!

  6. Unknown says:

    Dear Lisa
    Yes, once those bitter roots have a strong root system, is becomes much more difficult to remove them. But we cannot do this is our power! We need our Lord Jesus and tons of grace to remove them. And only He knows when the last one is removed.
    Muck lve XX

  7. This is an excellent analogy, Lisa, thank you! It's unfortunate that sometimes those bitter roots stick around so long that they truly become a part of who a person is. Uprooting it requires an entire personality change. I don't want to be like that. Thanks for sharing at my Homemaking Party!

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