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Our society today is all about being "politically correct."  Don't call me short, I prefer "vertically challenged;" it's not my fault when I get lost, I'm just "directionally impaired."  Those things can be corrected easily enough with a step stool and a GPS, but it seems as though today politically correct labels are used to avoid taking personal responsibility or calling sin a sin.  (Could it be I get lost because I'm not good at paying attention when someone is giving me directions?)

Obesity is becoming an epidemic and there are many able-bodied people content to sit back and allow others to provide for them, but when was the last time you heard someone mention the sins of gluttony or sloth?  Killing unborn children is not called murder but "a choice," and acting on homosexual desires is not called sodomy but an "alternative lifestyle." (And I have even been corrected on that; being questioned as to why homosexuality is called a "lifestyle" when everyone else just has a life.) 

Live and let live seems to be the motto of the day.  I do what I want and you do what you want.  I have my truth and you have yours.  It's all fine and dandy except for the fact that it flies in the face of everything our holy God says.  I have long believed that our country is headed for God's judgment if we don't turn to Him and repent, which begins with recognizing our disobedience and calling it what it truly is: sin.  The idea that our actions don't affect anyone but ourselves is a lie straight from satan.  Over and over Scripture records the entire nation of Israel punished for the sin of an individual such as with Achan and the battle against Ai (Joshua 7) or David counting his fighting men (2 Samuel 24). 

I was looking for a novel to read at the cottage last week, so I brought "The Harbinger" because it came highly recommended.  Little did I know this book is far more fact than fiction.  "The Harbinger," subtitled "The Ancient Mystery that holds the Secret of America's Future" is a fictional story wrapped around the prophecy God gave the nation of Israel through the prophet of Isaiah.  The prophecy warned Israel of coming judgment and records the nation's defiant response.  What's really eye-opening are the parallels between ancient Israel and modern-day America. Both nations were dedicated to God at their inception.  At both dedications it was said that as long as the nation followed God it would be blessed, but that blessing would be lifted if God ceased to be revered.

September 11, 2001 was the warning of our coming judgment; a glimpse of what it's like when the hedge of God's protection has been breached. Unfortunately America's response to the attack was eerily similar to that of the nation of Israel. Rather than turning back to God in humility, both nations were defiant. Author Jonathan Cahn artfully unfolds the events of 9/11 and the stock market crash of 2008 and seamlessly weaves them together with their ancient counterparts. It's eerie how even the little known details of these events line up with the ancient prophecy. This fascinating book is riveting and definitely a must-read for every American, especially Christians.

Lord, forgive us for our arrogance, defiance and ambivalence.  Open our eyes to your truth and give us a spirit of repentance, that this great nation would once again submit to you.


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  1. Dearest Sister in Christ,
    I write to you as a fellow minister at the Jerusalem Center's Arise and Shine Academy in Wayne, NJ, where I teach by God's grace and calling, and where Pastor and Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn leads America's largest Messianic congregation.
    As an active member with my wife at Beth Israel, we've heard all of the Harbinger messages throughout the years upon which this gem of a book is based, and now I have written a follow up titled, The Truth About The Harbinger, where I explain and examine the message of The Harbinger, as well as biblically address the various outlandish criticisms of it, and show the unique relationship America has with Israel and the parallels between these two nations, as well as other aspects of The Harbinger most people are unaware of. My book is due to be released on Octorber 1, 2013 Lord willing, and Amazon.com is taking pre-orders of it. If you enjoyed reading The Harbinger, you'll love my book as well. I also recommend The Harbinger Companion and Study Guide, written by Rabbi Cahn as a study guide to The Harbinger. Tell everyone about these books, for the time is short and America may be in its last hour, and we may not have much time.

    God bless and keep you,
    Jose Bernal
    Author of The Truth About The Harbinger

  2. I have heard good reports on this book, and the above comment by (Pepster) Jose Bernal is also interesting. Thank you for sharing at "Tell Me a Story." This is extreemly timely.

  3. caryjo says:

    YOU AND I NEED TO TALK SOME DAY!!! I am reading that book now...the 2nd time in a year ... AND just received the DVD about it and have watched it just a couple days ago. If you will look at my post re: Watcher that is on this link, you'll see where I am, too. I think God has called us to do the same. You spoke very courageously re: our present-day world sins that are being accepted by many denominations, too. Breaking my heart.

    Again, since we both were in Africa, both saw consequences of worshiping other gods and not moving forward quickly enough to the Lord, we know and see that the same is now happening everywhere around the world, in one way or another. I think we have a lot in common in terms of "seeing" and knowing what is necessary to be accomplished.

    Thank you so much. You just made me jump up and down inside hollering , "YES!!!". We know.

  4. Thank you for sharing here at "Tell me a Story." We often need to hear something again!

  5. caryjo says:

    Was shocked that you did it twice. BUT think it's important. I'm still in the process of re-reading the book, have watched the DVD a couple times. In the process, with more stuff happening just this week, my heart is breaking more and more, faster and faster. Good info for us in prepping for the rest of the world-view.

    Bless you... AND I still would like to connect, talk to/with you some time. email: caryjo@cox.net. Would love to live close enough together to hash this stuff out, but ain't gonna happen.

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