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"After hearing Lisa, I couldn't wait to grab my Bible, run to a quiet place, and dig in for myself!" ~ Kami

“If you want an energetic speaker Lisa Koster is the one for you!  She knows her Bible and presents it in a way that makes one want to listen to what she has to say.  She picks out things that I am sure are given to her by the Holy Spirit; details many of us overlook.  She really digs into the Word and gets all of the meat out of it.” 
~ Karon, Event Coordinator

God has instilled in me a deep desire to know Him better through His word. The only thing I love more than digging into Scripture (apart from God Himself) is sharing what I've learned with others! Here is a sampling of the topics I speak on:

EVICTING YOUR INNER SCAREDY CAT - This light-hearted story of a cat holed up in my basement leads to the truth that courage is not just for those naturally "brave" but is available to all those who put their trust in God. (You can get a glimpse of the story here:

TAKE IT EASY – In this fast-paced world, society is constantly bombarding us with messages to fuel our discontent: “You need status,” “You need stuff,” "You should look like this," "You should do that," “You’ll only be content when...” Following generations of one family in Scripture who learned the hard way - but learned - we'll discover why God hates our discontent and how we can find contentment regardless of our circumstances.    

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? So often in prayer we do all the talking without taking time to listen to what God has to say to us. Learn from Scripture how to recognize God's voice and pray prayers God wants to answer.

DON'T MISS THE MIRACLE! Are you so busy doing things for God that you don’t see Him or recognize His work?  Through a fresh look at Mark 8 we’ll learn practical steps to help us recognize God’s handiwork and allow it to change us in positive ways. 

UNEARTHING BURIED TREASURE – We find it unthinkable that someone would live without their basic needs being met despite having all the necessary resources, yet how often do we as Christians do just that?  How often do we muddle through life on our own while ignoring the vast resources available to us through God’s Word?  Through the lens of Scripture we’ll assess our level of spiritual maturity and the lies keeping us from receiving all God is offering us. 

AN UNLIKELY MISSIONARY – Feeling frustrated by your limitations?  Take heart!  God can take anyone, including those society has deemed “useless,” and use them in powerful ways to advance His kingdom and bring glory to Him.

It would be my pleasure and honor to come and speak to your group on one of these or other topics. Please feel free to contact me for more information.